AdaptiveSEO™ Service in Plain English. How to Get on Google’s Pet List?

It was not that long ago, when simple onpage changes and link-building were enough to get the best rankings on search engines. For most SEO service providers it was easy money, easy results. This attitude changed when Google announced the new updates (Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird).

SEO service providers had 2 options: stop their business and start blaming Google or adapt to the changes. At YDS we chose the second option, so we started implementing the Adaptive SEO approach. This decision has proven to be the right one and the results speak for themselves, but most importantly our clients are happy!

Adaptive SEO guide

Some people have asked  us what is AdaptiveSEO™ and how is it different from the “standard SEO”. The point is – there is no “standard SEO”. Search engine optimization agencies normally don´t tell you the details of what they are doing. For the client sometimes it can sound like some kind of  “black magic”. We believe that AdaptiveSEO™ service must be something that everyone can understand, follow the activities and results. Are you ready to find out more about the service itself? Lets go!

First Step – AdaptiveSEO™ Audit

Before you start investing in Paid Search or other digital marketing services,  you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your website. That basically means creating a solid foundation from the start, one that you’ll continue to benefit from in long term. This is what AdaptiveSEO™ audit is all about – kind of like building a house! Without a solid foundation it will simply collapse. You don´t want this to happen to your website.

Your Digital Story checklist for Audit:

1. Keyword research
2. Competitor analysis
3. Fixing current keyword positions at Google, Yandex, Bing or other SE
4. Google Analytics setup or check (incl eCommerce)
5. Google Analytics goals set-up or check
6. We also use Yandex Metrika, they have some great stuff! We install this on your site as well
7. Webmaster tool setup or check
8. Tag Manager setup or check
9. Schema Tags / Rich Snippets setup or check
10. Dara highlighter set-up or check
11. Duplicate content check
12. Meta check (H1, Alts etc)
13. Index status check
14. Uptime server check
15. Speed tests
16. Robots.txt check
17. Broken links check
18. Error redirects check
19. Google Alerts setup – it is a great free tool that helps to monitor brand keywords related activities on web.
20. We also check sales funnels, shopping carts (e-shop) etc to find out possible ways to improve conversions.

After the audit, we analyse the results and develop onsite SEO strategy plan.

Second Step – OnSite activities

Now is the time to fix the errors that were identified in the first stage. Basically we  are going to do all onsite work what is needed. This will help your website to get more traffic through organic and referral channels.

Your Digital Story checklist for OnSite activities:

1. We create the SEO strategy
2. We check current backlinks (source, quality)
3. Inpage linking
4. We choose the right keywords and assign them to landing pages
5. If needed, we correct landing pages body (text, images)
6. Correcting URL structure
7. Fix Sitemap
8. Fix robots.txt
9. Fixing broken links
10. Fixing error redirects
11. Landing Pages META (alts, videos, titles, H1, description etc)
12. If needed we will create new content
13. Setting up Google authorship

Now we are ready to start the monthly AdaptiveSEO™ service to get higher rankings, more traffic and more conversions.

Third Step – Monthly activities

After we have created this solid foundation, we can start “building the house” on top of that. At  this stage we need to be as flexible as possible. Why? Because search engines algorithms will be changing all the time.

Ultimate goal as we know is simple: to get better SERPs, more quality traffic and more conversions :-D . To be on top of this, we need to monitor  on a daily basis  all onsite and offsite SEO related figures (like keyword positions, backlinks, social signals etc). Based on these activities and results we develop action plan to increase results month by month.

Your Digital Story checklist for monthly activities:

1. Optimising the chosen keywords
2. Content creation and marketing (blogs, guest blogs, infographics, videos etc).
3. Inpage linking
4. Monitoring website technical indicators
5. Basic Online Brand Management with Social Media
6. Link Analysis and earning
7. Recording daily keyword positions, backlinks and other stuff for your and competitors website
8. And finally we want that our customer understand what we do. So we send you a monthly report with results and all activities.

We guarantee today and forever that Your Digital Story doesn’t use black hat SEO techniques, which can harm  your website authority or even ban it from search engines. You can be sure, that your website and content value will increase continuously  - YDS Team

 Things to consider before AdaptiveSEO™ service!

  • You should never  buy SEO services based on the number of back-links! Google is smarter than you think, don´t try to trick him!
  • If someone promises you instant results you should run!
  • You can try do it yourself , however there is a danger you simply do no have enough resources or expertise and instead of making things better you can harm your web site even further. Get an expert to help you with tips and tricks!

AdaptiveSEO™ service does not only include creating the relevant high quality content but also what people are talking about you! Remember what they taught you about WOM advertising  8-O ? It worked in traditional advertising and it works online too! So yes, Google really cares about social media! For example the more people Like, Google +1, Tweet  and Share the content you have created  the more apparent it becomes to Google that your website must be really relevant to the searchers query!

You want to be the best in  your business? Well so does Google that’s why his ultimate goal is to provide searchers with the best results for their queries. You know so that the people wont go to Bing or Yahoo instead :)


In conclusion AdaptiveSEO™ audit will help you identify the critical cracks in the foundation of your website. Once the problems have been resolved at OnSite stage, AdaptiveSEO™ monthly service will help you identify your online business goals and objectives. YDS will create a strategy to achieve these goals so that finally  you can enjoy the privilege of being on Google´s pet list:-D

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