Case study – EstNor

We recently finished a new website for our client EstNor. The company had faced a vast growth in recent years and desperately needed a new website. We managed to create them a website that got a five star rating from the client in design, functionality, content management, project management and final results.

New site features

  • Conversion driven site architecture
  • Compact single page solution
  • Animated CTA elements
  • Web design focus on evoking emotions
  • Great user experience
  • Fully functional solution in 4 languages

EstNor desired a website that has the right emotion that comes along with buying a new house. The design is influenced by the cosy interior of a wooden house that brings out the real life experience emotion. In addition, the focus is on information architecture that makes it easy to find relevant information.

“We used edgy style that shows a potential client that the company pays attention to little details and cares about the client relations via a professional website”

Armin Tüll, YDS Web Project Manager

Client feedback

„After meeting YDS it was clear for us that we have found a partner who could meet all of our needs. YDS is best described by their dedicated and professional team.”

Kaupo Mägi, Estnor Personnel and Project Manager

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