Google AdWords Case Study – 3x more clicks with 25% less spend and 80% lower CPA is an Estonian company that provides financial services in the following areas – small loans, real estate loans, and loans secured by motor vehicles.

3x more clicks with 25% less spend and 80% lower CPABestCredit was interested in getting more traffic and improving the conversion rate in order to drive higher revenue. The objective was to improve their Google AdWords campaign’s performance  to draw more visitors to their landing page. As a highly competitive sector, cpc were very high.

They had managed their AdWords campaigns for 2 years by themselves. High costs made them doubt about the campaign’s efficiency and to take the campaigns to the next level they decided to consult with professionals.

Even though they were sceptical about how we can achieve better results, they put us on test period for 3 months after conducting an audit of their campaigns.

What we did:

  • We added new keywords to the campaigns

First of all, we found out which keywords the ads had actually been showing on, which gave us many ideas for new keywords and negative keywords. After that we looked client’s site and used the Keyword Tool to find keywords that had not been covered at all. It turned out that there was a lot of unused opportunities there!

  • Deleted low performing keywords

When analysing the results, we  found a set of priority keywords to focus on and some keywords that were not performing well. So we deleted the keywords that were only a cost for the client with no real conversions.

  • Split keywords into new ad groups with new custom ad texts for each group

We split all keywords into granular ad groups with custom ad texts. The result was a significant boost in quality scores.

  • Revised CPC bids according to profitability

After a few more tweaks, we finally revised the CPC bids according to profitability and made sure the client was getting the maximum amount of traffic from their budget.


3x more clicks with 25% less spend and 80% lower CPA.


Every campaign success begins with good account structure. Make sure to use many ad groups and custom ad texts. Also don’t forget testing, it’s worth the time. It’s important to stop bidding on keywords that don’t convert. It doesn’t matter how many clicks the keywords get if there are no conversions. Optimize for conversions.

It’s possible to run AdWords campaigns on your own to a certain level. Once the budget grows, it’s critical to have a professional managing the campaign. You can earn money in the short run but if you are not focusing on the details and best practises on daily basis, there is a high chance you will lose money.

Well structured and managed campaing gives you direct results and insights for your other marketing activities like SEO, Content Marketing, other campaings.

If you want to take your Google Adwords campaigns to the next level, please contact our experts at [email protected]

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